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About Little Steps College

Making a good choice in life helps open the door of your destiny and become successful in all areas you undertake.


The College was established in 2012 by Vivian Pounguy Lickiby as a NGO (Non Governmental Organization). The campus was typically located in Disa Park in Cape Town(South Africa) and operated for several years. In 2014 Mrs Vivian Pounguy and Mr Brell Juldavy assumed direction of the College, and students increased from 40 to 150 students, whereby it got expanded in the western cape in 2015. The College has been registered with the following registration No: 2014/280166/07 and tax No: 98269 31157 and recognized by the department of education in South Africa.

Mission and Vision

We stand as a rock to empower different generations of all ages with skills to help them better their lives in all aspects that will be suitable for them to expand.

We believe that we can reach greater heights of excellence by learning from a wide range of individual and viewpoint, and by creating a culture in which we are all valued, respected and supported..

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan process was designed to galvanize the College community around a compelling vision and future possibilities for continued intellectual vibrancy, financial strength, and innovation.

The leadership-driven project engages the College community, to define and commit to a comprehensive 5-year plan that specifies, goals, initiatives, outcomes measures, resources and an implementation framework that will move the college successfully towards achieving its aspiration










The Whole Purpose of Education Is to Turn Mirrors Into Windows

Our students are from diverse background and approaches to life, ambitious,curious and not likely to settle for easy answers...


Our Skills

The idea is to subsidize skills training through Little Steps College with the aid of companies, businesses, government organization...